Monday, June 17, 2013

I go wherever you will go....

A new season in our lives has started. Big changes are just two weeks away. I will go back to work and leave my little ones in the capable hands of my husband. Even though I am leaving them with their dad it makes my heart sad to know that I will not have every day at home with them the way I have on maternity leave.

There where some growing pains getting used to being home with three kids, two under two, and now that I love it I have to return to work. But what a blessing to be returning to a job that will provide for my family. That will allow my kids to be home with my husband and not in daycare. That will allow my husband to leave a job that does not fulfill him to pursue his passion for education. That I actually enjoy.

From a personal perspective I am learning and growing myself, learning to take the days one at a time. God is really teaching me to have faith these days, apparently this is a lesson He REALLY wants me to learn.

I am allowing myself to feel and be, accept parts of me that I have often held back on or dampened in the past for one reason or another. I am not yet sure how that will work out but I am enjoying the journey.


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