Wednesday, April 25, 2012


So very elusive. I am finding contentment to be very elusive. Apparently. I was unaware of this problem until my husband pointed it out the other day. That I am always pushing, pushing, pushing for more. I think of this as a handy personality trait to get to the places you want in life but apparently I am taking it a bit to far. I know that the pushing and not just being is beginning to wear on him. I know that he has a very easy time being content in any situation. I think it is good that we are at such different ends of the spectrum because it creates a balance.

So in an effort to improve my contentment and calm my soul I decided today that I would make an attempt to be content. Not with everything because how then, would be ever succeed, be more or have more. But in the items that are specifically bothering my husband and a few that I have noted for myself as well. I decided I was going to pray for contentment. Well who knows that when you pray for it you have to be faced with it? Anyone ever pray for patience and see what happens? So as soon as my decision is made I get a call from my husband. He has been pushing for almost a year for an earlier schedule, one where he can spend more time with his family.

We where in the home stretch, his company had promised a schedule change at the end of May and he had been training someone to take over his position for the last three months. But NO! Low and behold they have decided that they do not think this new person is the right fit for the job, they are going to hire yet ANOTHER person and Eric gets the pleasure of training this person for another three months. So now we are stuck saying goodbye to our summer evening plans. Ugh. God when you test me you test me. So being human my first instinct is quit, stick it to them. Wait we need money.... and to eat. Don't quit, look for another job, now, right now! But instead I think I am going to be still in this moment and pray that God's will be done in our lives. I know that he has a plan. He always does. Always comes through and always, always, ALWAYS provides.

My family has been blessed beyond belief, we have incredible BEAUTIFUL and HEALTHY children. I have a husband that puts me before ANYTHING or ANYONE and loves God with all his heart. A man that I would never have to question. We have been provided for abundantly and in all this I am content and await the answer to what the next chapter has for us.

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